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That noteworthy sound quality can be credited to this — the SRS-XB12 accompanies a monoaural speaker up top, directly under that metal work, and an aloof bass radiator on the base for an additional bang in bass substantial tunes.

The highs and lows are clear, the mids are pleasantly adjusted, and paying little heed to how tranquil, or how noisy you set this speaker to be, it doesn’t contort the sound by any means, which is wonderful, and not so much something I was amazed by in light of the fact that like I stated, Sony’s Bluetooth speakers are great.

For a speaker as little as this one, I was astounded by the sort of sound this thing can create, and that too without losing on lucidity. In case you’re searching for a Bluetooth speaker that you can heft around, and with which you can shake out easily, the SRS-XB12 won’t let you down.

Fastens and Ports

The SRS-XB12 likewise accompanies a considerable amount of catches and two ports on its body. There are an aggregate of 5 fastens here. There’s a force button you can press to kill the speaker on and, or long press to enter matching mode; there are the typical volume up/down catches. Directly close to those is the play/delay button which can likewise be utilized to answer calls, or, on the off chance that you long press it, will dispatch the default collaborator on your telephone, and you can request that it change tunes or whatever, by conversing with your speaker. At that point there’s the ‘Include’ button on the correct which is the manner by which you pair two of these speakers together to shape a sound system pair.

Surprisingly, I’ve discovered the catches on each Sony Bluetooth speaker that I’ve attempted to be genuinely material, regardless of whether they don’t look it, and the SRS-XB12 is no special case. Squeezing these catches is a surprisingly material inclination, and I am blameworthy of squirming with these catches frequently while at work, even without anything playing on the speaker.

Move somewhat to one side from here, and there’s additionally a charging pointer LED, and a mic-gap beneath it. Further to the privilege is a rubberised fold that you can pull out to get to the charging port, the AUX-in port, and the Reset button. The speaker charges by means of a miniaturized scale USB port which is standard on most Bluetooth speakers, however I truly wish there was a USB-C port here.

Regarding network, the SRS-XB12 accompanies Bluetooth v4.2 ready, and definitely, it’s not Bluetooth 5.0, however I’m genuinely sure you can’t discover a Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth 5.0, in any event in this value extend. The explanation I’m not grumbling about this is straightforward — the speaker interfaces effectively and the association holds up all around ok so I don’t have any grievances with Bluetooth 4.2 being here and not Bluetooth 5.

What could be a major issue to many individuals, is the nonattendance of aptX support on the speaker — that implies you could’ve shown signs of improvement association strength, and lower inactivity on the speaker, yet for reasons unknown, Sony has avoided it. Other than that however, the speaker underpins all the major codecs you may need: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, and so on, it has it.

Something else I’ve seen with a great deal of Sony’s Bluetooth sound extras, is that they offer madly great battery life. The SRS-XB12 are the same; Sony rates them to have a 16 hour playback time on one charge, and I saw that as very exact. In my use, the speaker effectively endures more than 14 to 15 hours on a charge, even on high volumes. That is extremely amazing, and you’ll possibly genuinely have the option to value it when you see exactly how little this speaker truly is.

I have scarcely needed to charge this speaker in my utilization — the battery life is that acceptable. Nonetheless, the time that I had to charge this felt like everlastingly, on the grounds that the speaker sets aside a long effort to completely charge. Charging from nearly 0% to full takes well more than 4 hours, and it can get irritating.

Nonetheless, the battery life is basically astonishing on the SRS-XB12, and I don’t see 4 hours as a major exchange off for getting more than 15 hours of battery life from the speaker. You clearly may locate that difficult to accept, what with cell phones charging in under an hour and a half nowadays, yet as far as I can tell, I didn’t need to charge the XB12 as regularly as I would a cell phone in any case, so contrasting them has neither rhyme nor reason.

Taking everything into account, the SRS-XB12 is a Bluetooth speaker that marks off a ton of the crates for an extraordinary Bluetooth speaker — it’s convenient, it has incredible sound, the XB moniker is legitimized because of a decent bass yield, it has an IP67 rating, and it accompanies a somewhat stunning battery life. The main genuine con I found with this speaker is the charging time, however like I said before, that can be neglected gratitude to the playback it offers. At Rs. 3,990, the Sony SRS-XB12 is essentially the speaker to get in case you’re searching for movability with incredible sound, and in the event that you ask me, this is the speaker I’d recommend to anybody searching for a Bluetooth speaker under Rs. 4,000.

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