7 Productive Points From Your Gmail For Incredible Productivity

Gmail Tips for Productivity

1. Nap Emails in Gmail

You’re occupied grinding away and you get an email that you realize you should react to, yet perhaps not right now. You push it at the rear of your psyche, thinking you’ll hit it up later, just to forget about it. Sounds very natural? Gmail’s rest highlight guarantees that none of your messages gets lost in an outright flood, regardless of how bustling you are. This element causes you “nap” significant however not-critical messages, with the goal that when you’re prepared to answer them, Gmail sends you a speedy update.

Instructions to utilize this: Right-click on a message you need to rest. Pick a date and time when you’d prefer to handle it, and Gmail will send you a warning.

Rest Emails

2. Set Up Priority Inbox in Gmail

This setting permits you to keep significant messages directly at the head of your inbox. When you empower this setting, as a matter of course, you’ll discover your email isolated into three classifications: significant and new, featured, and everything else.

Under this Priority Inbox classification, you can additionally allocate or change what goes into every one of the Inbox segments and what number of things you wish to see in every one of these classifications. You can likewise pick the choice ‘Conceal area when unfilled’ on the off chance that you don’t have any messages dependent on the standard you allocated to that segment.

This element is overly convenient in the event that you get huge amounts of messages and rapidly need to get found the most significant discussions.

The most effective method to utilize this: Click on ‘Settings’. Under the ‘Inbox’ tab, you’ll discover ‘Inbox type’ alternative. Select ‘Need Inbox’. Other than Priority Inbox, under ‘Inbox Type’, you can likewise decide to see your messages in the accompanying way: ‘Significant first’, ‘New first’, or ‘Featured first’.

3. Empower Smart Compose for Predictive Text Suggestions

You’ve likely known about man-made reasoning, and there’s no preferable case of it over Google’s Smart Compose. When turned on, this component recommends words and expressions as you type an email, sparing you a ton of time and work. In addition, the component gives recommendations that depend on your one of a kind method of composing an email, so you don’t wind up seeming like a robot. Trust Google to focus on the subtleties!

Step by step instructions to utilize this: Click on ‘Settings’. Under ‘General Settings’, you’ll see ‘Shrewd Compose’. Snap on ‘Composing recommendations on’ to empower the element.

Envision you’re drafting an email in the midst of your super-bustling calendar and Google consequently recommends what should be composed further. Isn’t it a colossal life hack?

Here’s a straightforward delineation demonstrating how Google’s Smart Compose functions while drafting an email:

Video Player



4. Make Google Calendar Events from Gmail Messages

Gmail permits you to make Google schedule occasions, directly inside an email. This could be utilized to make updates for gatherings, social affairs, and other significant occasions, both for yourself and the individual you’re sending the email to. Thus, when you get messages about occasions, for example, flights and shows, they are consequently added to your Google schedule.

The most effective method to utilize this: Open the email you need to make an occasion for on your PC and afterward, click on the three vertical spots beneath the inquiry bar. This will open a drop-down menu. Select ‘Make occasion’ starting from the drop menu and make the ideal occasion.

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Star Tip: Automatically Create Google Calendar Events from Emails

Excessively languid or absence of time to try and go to the email and make an occasion from the email? We have your back with one super-simple device –

It a basic way you can get this robotized dependent on rules while you make a work process among Gmail and Google Calendar. For instance, you can set up a Gmail + Google Calendar Integration in where for each new email in Gmail with a specific mark, an occasion in Google Calendar is made naturally. The entirety of this without you opening any of these applications.

Sounds incredible, isn’t that so? Here’s a basic Gmail to Google Calendar layout for you to utilize immediately:

gmail google-schedule


Make New Google Calendar occasions from Gmail

5. Add your Emails to Google Tasks

Wanna be your most beneficial self? With this Gmail stunt, you can add your email to a virtual daily agenda. Suppose you get an email about an up and coming task. Basically add the email to Tasks, with the goal that when you’re prepared to chip away at it, you get a warning and you have all the subtleties you need before you.

The most effective method to utilize this: Select the messages you need to make an assignment for and click on the three vertical spots underneath the pursuit bar. Snap on the ‘Add to Tasks’ alternative and set the date and time when you’d prefer to chip away at it.

Star Tip: Automatically include undertakings in Asana and Todoist from Gmail, Create Trello Cards from Gmail.

gmail asana


Make New Tasks in Asana from Emails in Gmail

gmail trello


Make New Cards in Trello from Emails in Gmail

It looks extraordinary when you can make Google Tasks from your Gmail! In any case, imagine a scenario where you’re utilizing other undertaking the executives and coordinated effort instruments to allocate errands and track work with other collaborators.

You’ll be astounded to perceive how you can not just add undertakings from Gmail to Google Tasks yet additionally to different applications like Slack, Asana, Trello, Todoist, and so forth. lets you make straightforward one-one to multi-application work processes with 100+ application combinations.

You can set up a robotized work process to trigger at whatever point you have task-related messages in Gmail. This will at that point naturally make a card in Trello, a Task in Asana, Send a Notification in Slack, or include a Task in Todoist.

gmail slack


Get Notified on Slack for New Emails in Gmail

gmail todoist


Make New Tasks in Todoist from Gmail

You can take task computerization one step higher via mechanizing task creation straightforwardly from Gmail dependent on channels and names. You can do this by incorporating Gmail and Google Tasks, and get this show on the road.

More capacity to sorted out working, what state?

6. Compose your messages utilizing ‘Marks’

An email inbox is just as compelling as you arrange it to be, and Gmail’s Labels assist you with doing that.

For each message you get, you can include a mark, so they become simpler to discover when you need them. For example, significant messages from your office can be marked as “work”. At that point, when you have to get to them, essentially type, “name: work” in the hunt bar, and they’ll spring up.

Step by step instructions to utilize this: Select the messages you need to mark and afterward click on the ‘Names’ choice to include one. To make another name, click on ‘Settings’. At that point, under the ‘Marks’ tab, look down to the keep going area, and snap on ‘Make new name’.

Professional Tip: Create robotized work processes dependent on the names in Gmail.

With, you can perform different activities in other ordinary applications like Google Drive, Trello, Asana, Todoist, and so forth dependent on the names relegated to messages in Gmail. Or then again, you can allot marks to messages in Gmail dependent on occasions that occur in different applications.

For instance, you can ‘Include a mark’ to another email in Gmail at whatever point another card is added to your rundown in Trello.

gmail trello


Add Label to Emails in Gmail for Card Added in Trello

You can even make an undertaking in Asana, at whatever point there is a Labeled Conversation in Gmail.

asana gmail


Make Tasks in Asana from New Labeled Emails in Gmail

Not simply that, you can likewise include records to Google Drive another email in Gmail. You can alternatively give a hunt model on the name of the email.

gmail google-drive


Add records to Google Drive from Emails in Gmail

Gmail Automation Tips

7. Join Google Meet straightforwardly from Gmail

This component allows you to begin and join gatherings straightforwardly from your inbox now. You can flawlessly switch among Gmail and video gatherings according to your benefit without exchanging tabs.

Recently, Google reported that Google Meet will before long be accessible on mobiles. It will be free and accessible to everybody utilizing G-suite. Before long there will be a ‘Meet’ tab in your Gmail application, regardless of whether you are on Android or iOS.

Step by step instructions to utilize it: To begin a gathering, click on ‘Start a gathering’ choice and offer the gathering ID for others to join. To join a gathering, click on ‘Join a gathering’ and enter the gathering ID to immediately get circled into a video meeting.

Gmail tips and Tricks – Google Meet

Note: You may discover this alternative on the left-hand side of your screen, in contrast to mine. I have it on the privilege since I have turned on the setting to see my visit on the right-hand side.

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